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Meet WiKey. The wireless cloud drive with up to 128GB of storage the size of a keychain.
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Wikey is a little drive that fits in your pocket and acts like your own personal cloud. It has a high storage capacity, and allows you to store, access, and share your files through the air. Connect it all your devices, and to anyone around you who you'd like to share files with. WiKey provides a solution for anyone who needs a lot of storage, and a lot of flexibility in how to access it.

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The Beauty and the Beast

Beautiful design and great performance come together in this high-capacity device. We engineered blazing fast data transfer using the latest Wi-Fi technologies. Bluetooth LE means your Wikey is always connected with your phone. Amazingly, such a small package has a 7 day battery life, all wrapped up in a stylish aluminium frame and protective plastic.

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Completely over the Air

WiKey was designed to work completely using wireless technologies thereby making it simple to use, but also allowing a wide range of benefits like making the device completely airtight allowing for a safer storage environment. With safety already in mind, all the files are stored and sent to you encrypted ensuring a high level of privacy.

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The Cross-Platform Solution

It’s finally easy for you to have access to your files from all your smart devices ranging from Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets to SmartTVs. Keep your digital life in sync without having to think about it.

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Metal to the Bone

Using a combination of fine-machined Aluminium for the main frame and durable plastics we made the casing resistant to everyday elements while exposing the inner beauty of the materials. The perfect amount of detail in harmony with quality materials give WiKey the unique feel and experience.

Sharing like never before.

Using a cross-platform Web-based app that runs directly in your Browser enabled us to have a seamless and consistent user experience across all connected devices.

From now share files with your friends and colleges like never before. Give people around you access to documents during meetings or just stream a movie right from WiKey to your SmartTV.

Stay protected. Everywhere.

Access to your data is highly protected by using a secure Wi-Fi network and PIN access to get inside the Web App. Avoid getting your files in the wrong hands and the privacy of you and others violated by using WiKey as your everyday solution.

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The Hardware

The perfect combination of performance and efficiency give the special feel to the device. It's all about the perfect ratio.

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